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5 Sept. Smooth Start - Slightly Panicky End


6 Sept. Happy End & a Ride into the Green


7 Sept. Modesty for lunch - Splurge for Heure Bleue

8 Sept. On Forbidden Paths to Heavenly Dessert


9 Sept. Rouen I


10 Sept. Rouen II + Rouen III La Passion de Jeanne d'Arc


11 Sept. Green Delights at Daytime - None for Dinner


12 Sept. Vendange and Sing-Along Revisited


13 Sept. Morning à la Campagne - Lunch at 1900

14 Sept. Taking Madame Around Town & Almost Finding Christian Constant

15 Sept. Dazzling Dessert & Asian Surprise


16 Sept. 3 Little Ladies Living it up in the Grand Style


17 Sept. Sweet, Green, Gold & Dahlia


18 Sept. Morning by the Guidebook, Afternoon by the Good Book


19 Sept. Smorgasbord Part 1


20 Sept. Smorgasbord Part 2


21 Sept. Déjeuner Surprise & Bedside Visit

22 Sept. Elegant Banking & Cutting Edge Shopping

23 Sept. From Venice to Montsouris


24 Sept. From Downstairs to Upstairs in Paris


25 Sept. Up Up and Away

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