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26 August A rough ride and nice lodgings

27 August In the 17th outback - and back

28 August Catholics, sweet sin and a cheap lunch

29 August Surviving Place des Fêtes

30 August Château and fine dinner (at last !)

31 August A bourgeois Sunday on Île de la Jatte

1 Sept. A fine day at the refectorium

2 Sept. Aujourd'hui, rien

3 Sept. Cold morning, so-so lunch - and HOT dames !

4 Sept. Campus, Tramway and a Classy Lunch


5 Sept. No Bernardins, but cozy Heure Bleue

6 Sept. Meeting friends and expensive dinner

7 Sept. A bit of Egypt - and lots of China

8 Sept. A fine day in the 12.arrondissement

9 Sept. Beauty in the sun - horror in the dark !

10 Sept. Forbidden Paths and Skyhigh Drinks

11 Sept. Lovely château and SUPER lunch

12 Sept. Pope Day and Excellent Lunch

13 Sept. Vendange and Soirée Risquée

14 Sept. Cozy Lunch with Surprise Visit

15 Sept. Cold but pretty in the 16th

16 Sept. Magic, Mystery and Incredible Lunch

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